Strokes In Dogs: Recognize The Signs

23 November 2021
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As is the case with humans, it can be extremely frightening when a dog has a stroke. Also, just like humans, the speed with which you seek treatment can play a significant role in your dog's recovery. Do you know how to recognize the signs of a stroke in your dog? The Basics of a Stroke A stroke is when poor or interrupted blood flow to the brain causes the localized death of brain cells. Read More 

Tips To Care For Your Dog Or Cat This Winter

22 September 2021
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Dogs and cats are very different animals, but they both have one thing in common – in the winter months they need a little extra care. Winter can be harsh on both dogs and cats, and both would have a very hard time surviving out in the cold. They both need your care and watchful eye during colder months. Read on for some care tips for your dog or cat this winter. Read More 

Reasons To Consider In-Home Cat Euthanasia

26 July 2021
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One of the hardest parts about being a pet parent is saying goodbye to your pet. Unfortunately, though, there will come a time when your cat's quality of life is poor and you may have to start thinking about putting your cat to sleep. While traditionally vets offer euthanasia services in their offices, in-home cat euthanasia is gaining in popularity among pet owners. If your cat is nearing the end of his or her life, here are a few of the reasons you may want to consider in-home cat euthanasia. Read More 

What Dog Owners Need To Know About Bloat

3 June 2021
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Bloat is a condition in which a dog's stomach can become distended with gas. This may sound like a minor annoyance, but it's actually a serious medical concern that needs to be addressed surgically. As a dog owner, it is important that you know the signs of bloat and how it is treated. Here's what you should know: Signs of Bloat Bloat usually comes on quite suddenly. One day, your dog is fine, and hours later, they start appearing very uncomfortable. Read More 

Why You Should Have Your Dog Micro-Chipped

9 March 2021
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If you are a dog owner, you know how important it is to keep an eye on your dog. If your dog runs loose, it can sometimes be difficult to get your dog to come back, especially if they're chasing something they really wants to catch. If your dog isn't wearing a collar or doesn't have a nametag on it and your dog is lost, you run the risk of your dog being lost for a long time. Read More