Tips To Care For Your Dog Or Cat This Winter

22 September 2021
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Dogs and cats are very different animals, but they both have one thing in common – in the winter months they need a little extra care. Winter can be harsh on both dogs and cats, and both would have a very hard time surviving out in the cold. They both need your care and watchful eye during colder months. Read on for some care tips for your dog or cat this winter.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Hydration may seem like something needed more in summer months, but it's equally important during winter months as well. This is because in winter months, your pet can dehydrate and their skin can dry out due to the drier weather and lower humidity levels. You need to be sure your pet drinks enough water and is also urinating enough. If you suspect your pet is dehydrated, you need to get them to the veterinarian for an exam and treatment, if needed.

Keep Your Pet Indoors

Your dog may love to be outside, but you need to limit this time outside to prevent hypothermia from the cold temperatures. Limit your dog's time outside to only a few minutes at a time when temperatures dip below the freezing level. Cats should be kept inside as much as possible during winter months. Be sure you keep a close eye on your cat to ensure it doesn't run out the door if it's left open. Your dog or your cat can freeze outside, so keep them inside as much as possible.

Keep An Eye Out For Toxins

Keep watch for toxins that could be poisonous for your dog or your cat. This includes household chemicals and cleaners, as well as indoor plants or decorative elements around your home. During winter months, you may be decorating more often, or have more indoor plants, and you need to watch your pets around these to be sure they aren't ingesting anything that they shouldn't.

Keep Pets Away From Human Food

During winter months when you're spending more time at home, you should be sure not to share some of your delicious meals with your pets. Fluffy and Fido have their own food, and should only ever be given their food and treats. Sharing your food can do more harm than good to their health. Never give your pets human food.

If you are a pet owner, you need to take extra care of them during the winter months. Talk to your veterinarian about other pet care tips for this winter.