Why Is Your Cat Coughing, And What Should You Do?

17 July 2020
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Most people cough every once in a while, even if they are healthy. It's the same for cats — a single cough should not make you feel alarmed. Your cat may just have inhaled something irritating or swallowed the wrong way. If your cat keeps coughing or seems to be having fits of coughing, on the other hand, you should be more concerned. There are a few possible, common causes of coughing in cats, and most of them require veterinary care. Read More 

Pet Dental Care: Faqs

18 June 2020
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Veterinarians recommend that pet owners make their pet's dental health a priority. Similar to humans, pets can experience oral health issues. Unfortunately, it is these issues that can result in problems with eating, pain, and distress. Keep reading below to learn more about how important pet dental care is and the answers to some common questions pet owners have. Why Is Oral Health So Important for Pets? There are a number of problems that can occur as a result of inadequate oral health in pets. Read More 

Signs Of Overheating In Your Dog And What To Do

26 May 2020
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As summer rolls around, you likely look forward to outdoor walks and other activities in the nice weather with your dog. But it is also important that you take care of your dog because they can be quite affected by the heat of the summer season. Get to know some of the signs of overheating in your dog as well as what you can and should do if it occurs. Then, you can be sure you are doing everything you can to take proper care of your dog this summer season. Read More 

3 Things To Consider Before Adopting A New Pet

2 April 2020
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Are you an animal lover? Do you want to get a new pet but you're not sure if you should be adding to your household right now? It can be hard to judge whether now is the right time to be getting a new furry friend or if you should be putting your desires aside for now. Instead of a blanket yes or no, it's important to think things over before making a careful choice. Read More 

How To Know When It’s Time To Euthanize Your Pet

18 March 2020
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Your beloved pet has been with you for years and given you the best years of their life, but our pets aren't meant to be with us forever, even if this is exactly what we would want. If your pet is getting older, you do have to start thinking about whether their time is coming to an end with you and if you are going to at some point euthanize your pet so he can leave you in a humane, calm and planned manner. Read More