Home Recovery Kit Tips For Your Dog After Being Spayed Or Neutered

29 December 2020
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When you have to schedule a surgery for your pet, things can be pretty nerve-racking. This is true even after a basic, standard surgery like having your pet spayed or neutered. While this type of surgery is important, it can be hard to see your furry friend in discomfort. If you have never been through these circumstances before, you may not know what to expect or how to get your pet set up for the most comfortable recovery process. Keep reading to learn how you can set your home up so that your pet is comfortable when he gets home from the surgery.

Dog Bed

It is important that your dog take things easy after the surgery, so you may want to consider getting a comfortable dog bed. It is a good idea for the bed to have a removable cover that can be unzipped, removed, and tossed into the washing machine. This is just in case your dog has an accident or a similar incident.

Dog Blanket

If your dog doesn't like dog beds and instead prefers to cuddle up next to you on the couch or in your bed, you may want to ensure that your furniture is protected, and your dog is comfortable with a couple of dog blankets. Alternatively, you can use your own blankets if your furry friend prefers. As mentioned above, you will want to make sure that these blankets are washable.

Pain Relief

In addition to giving your dog something at the clinic before heading home, your veterinarian should provide you with something for pain relief for your dog. In addition, your canine will likely be given a prescription for some antibiotics to help prevent the risk of infection.

Calming Aids

If your dog tends to get pretty anxious, you may want to consider having some calming aids at your disposal. These calming aids can be anything that works to manage the anxiety that your dog experiences. Therefore, what works for your neighbor's dog may not necessarily work for your dog. These aids may be aromatherapy or soft chews. Make sure to speak to your veterinarian about what you want to use ahead of time, to ensure that it is safe for the situation.

If you would like to learn more about how you can prepare your home and your dog for a surgical procedure, contact your veterinarian. A veterinarian can advise you about how to keep your pup comfortable at home after surgery.