Getting Your First New Puppy? 2 Tips To Care For It

4 April 2022
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If you are getting your first new puppy, this is an exciting time for both you and your puppy. There are things you need to know, however, so your puppy will grow up healthy and strong for you. Keep reading to learn more about this so you can enjoy your time with the new addition to your family.

Take to a Veterinarian

The most important thing you should do is take your puppy to a veterinarian as soon as you can. The vet will do a complete checkup to ensure the puppy is healthy. They will listen to their lungs and heart, take their temperature, and weigh them. They will then examine their ears, eyes, nose, genitalia, and feet. They will examine their coat and skin and look at their mouth, teeth, and ears.

The veterinarian will also set your puppy up with their vaccination schedule. They may even give them their first set of vaccinations during the first visit. Some of these vaccinations include Lyme disease, influenza, Bordetella, and leptospirosis. Other vaccinations protect your puppy from getting the parvovirus, kennel cough, and canine hepatitis. Your puppy will need these vaccinations on a certain schedule, such as once at 18 weeks, and the second set at 12 months. The vet can go over this schedule with you, as well as give you more information about these vaccines. 

The veterinarian will prescribe heartworm medication for you to give to your puppy. They will also give you much more information about taking care of your new puppy, such as the best type of food to feed them, how to care for their teeth, etc. 

What You Can Do

At home, you need to make sure you keep your puppy active. Purchase toys they can play with and take them on walks to give them exercise. How much they need will depend on the breed. Do research if you are not sure about this. 

Socializing your puppy is also important. Take them with you wherever you can. Take your puppy to a dog park. They can get used to being around other dogs, as well as people. Ask friends or family members to come over and visit. Getting them socialized now will ensure they grow up to get along well with people and other dogs. 

Take your new puppy to a qualified trainer once it gets big enough. The trainer can teach them the standard commands, such as sit, stay, leave it, down, and more. If you are having problems with potty training, ask the trainer for tips. 

You and your puppy will enjoy a good long life together if you follow these tips.

For more information on veterinary services, contact a professional near you.