Have an Overweight Cat at Home? 3 Reasons to Make a Vet Appointment

20 February 2020
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As a cat owner, you may be quite familiar with handling cat-related problems at home. A simple cold is not something that you may find worth making an appointment with a vet when you can wait it out for a few days and find their symptoms disappearing over that time frame. But, you may own an overweight cat that needs extra attention. 

If you are finding that your efforts are not successful, you should make a vet appointment because it will provide you with what you need to make your cat healthy again.

1. Health Problems

While being overweight is a health problem on its own, you may not know how to diagnose other health-related problems that might be preventing your cat from losing weight successfully. At the same time, your cat may be experiencing health issues because of their weight gain. A vet can help you find out about any minor or serious problems.

With this knowledge, you will be able to come up with a plan to tackle the health issues with services, prescriptions, or suggestions from a veterinarian.

2. Weight Goals

Coming up with a weight goal is important because you may have an idea of what you want your cat to weigh. However, a vet will know more about what weight you should aim for. While most ideal cat weighs are similar in range, you may appreciate getting an exact number that you can work on as this will help you make diet and exercise adjustments with complete confidence.

3. Diet Ideas

If you are finding that the diet you are feeding your cat is not working with weight loss, you should make sure to discuss diet with your veterinarian. Bringing information regarding the food that you feed your cat is important because it will help your vet perform a thorough analysis. In some cases, they may suggest switching from dry food to wet food or vice versa. While using scoops to feed your cat may be all that you need to do to follow feeding instructions on the back of a dry food bag, your vet may want you to start using precise measurements instead. Weighing the food that you feed your cat will make sure that you give them accurate amounts always.

Making a vet appointment is the right move when you have an overweight cat at home. Contact clinics like Third  Street Veterinary to learn more.