Signs That Your Dog’s Eyelid Growth Needs Veterinary Attention

14 June 2022
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If you own a pet dog, there's a chance that you may notice a small growth on one of the animal's eyelids. Growths can occur at any age, but can often be an issue in older animals. The discovery of an eyelid growth doesn't necessarily mean that you need to visit your local veterinary clinic right away, especially if you take your dog for routine checkups. Instead, it's a good idea to monitor the growth. Read More 

Getting Your First New Puppy? 2 Tips To Care For It

4 April 2022
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If you are getting your first new puppy, this is an exciting time for both you and your puppy. There are things you need to know, however, so your puppy will grow up healthy and strong for you. Keep reading to learn more about this so you can enjoy your time with the new addition to your family. Take to a Veterinarian The most important thing you should do is take your puppy to a veterinarian as soon as you can. Read More 

Preparing To Care For A New Puppy

3 February 2022
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If you decided to acquire a puppy, you are likely excited about the prospects ahead of you. Caring for your new pet requires a bit of knowledge to ensure your puppy grows into a strong and healthy adult dog without difficulties. Here are some steps to take in preparation for the arrival of your new friend. Safeguard Your Puppy From Hazardous Situations Before your puppy comes home, you need to take the time to check over the entirety of your home's interior as well as the property outdoors for spots that could cause harm to your pet. Read More 

Strokes In Dogs: Recognize The Signs

23 November 2021
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As is the case with humans, it can be extremely frightening when a dog has a stroke. Also, just like humans, the speed with which you seek treatment can play a significant role in your dog's recovery. Do you know how to recognize the signs of a stroke in your dog? The Basics of a Stroke A stroke is when poor or interrupted blood flow to the brain causes the localized death of brain cells. Read More 

Tips To Care For Your Dog Or Cat This Winter

22 September 2021
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Dogs and cats are very different animals, but they both have one thing in common – in the winter months they need a little extra care. Winter can be harsh on both dogs and cats, and both would have a very hard time surviving out in the cold. They both need your care and watchful eye during colder months. Read on for some care tips for your dog or cat this winter. Read More